Food safety

Discussion paper on Risk Management Strategies for Vibrio spp. in seafood. CX/FH 03/5 - Add.3, Aug 2002

BACKGROUND (from discussion paper)

Over the past several sessions, the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene (CCFH) has increased its commitment to, and the extent of its work in, the field of microbiological risk analysis, particularly with respect to microbiological risk assessment and microbiological risk management. As a component part of this effort, CCFH has identified several pathogen/commodity combinations that present a potential significant public health threat for foods placed into international trade and for which it is appropriate to develop risk management strategies.

At the 34th Session, CCFH agreed to develop a Discussion Paper on Risk Management Strategies for Vibrio spp. in seafood. The Committee further suggested that the initial focus would be Vibrio parahaemolyticus in fish and shellfish as the risk assessments for this organism in these products were the most advanced. The Committee agreed that a drafting group led by the United States, with the assistance of Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, Mozambique and Thailand would develop the risk management strategy paper.