Food safety

Microbiological hazards in fresh leafy vegetables and herbs

Microbiological risk assessment series 14, meeting report


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Editors: World Health Organization
Publication date: 2008
Languages: English



Production systems for leafy vegetables and herbs f all into two broad categories; open field and protected culture systems. Within these two cat egories there can be wide variation in terms of inputs, size, location, environmental conditions , productivity and target markets. Such variation from one production site to another highl ights the difficulty of providing very specific guidance. Knowing and understanding a particular pr oduction environment is critical to the identification and implementation of appropriate mi tigations.

The meeting report highlights the disconnect that often exists between knowledge of t he production environment and knowledge of what constitutes a hazard. The variability that exists between production environments means that the capacity to identify hazards within a syst em is critical to identifying and applying relevant and effective mitigations.