Czech Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (ČARO)

CARO-GARD (Czech Republic)

Czech Alliance of Chronic Respirtatory Disases (CARO) is a participant of GARD. In 2010 CARO was proposed by FIRS to launch the "Year of the Lung" in the Czech Republic. In 2010 CARO organized several meetings with different medical societies, where respiratory medicine problems related to smoking and environment were discussed. CARO organized important symposia during the congresses of Czech Pneumological Society, Czech Paediatric Society and Czech Immunological and Allergological Society. CARO members took part in two press conferences with representatives of Czech media. CARO continued to publish medical booklets for patients (on smoking, pulmonary fibrosis and pleural diseases). The turning point was the Czech conference on the Year of Lung, which took place in Prague under auspices of the Ministry of Health, presidents of Czech and Slovak Medical Societes and many experts from different societies. This conference was held in cooperation with the WHO country office. CARO-GARD has become firmly established in the Czech Republic with the recognition of local health authorities, and we are in the process of application of this collaboration with the Ministry of Health for the education of patients and health professionals in the area of respiratory health.