GARD Syria activities

GARD in Syria

Syria is actively involved in GARD since May 2008, when during the annual meeting in Istanbul, Tishreen University was accepted as a GARD member. Tishreen University liaised with the Ministry of Health to establish collaboration in GARD activities and a focal point from Ministry of Health had been nominated to coordinate work with the GARD country representative in Tishreen University in collaboration with the WHO country office in Syria. GARD achievements in Syria: Survey on chronic respiratory diseases and co-morbidities (the first country in the region) was initiated at the workshop in Novembre 2008, in Tishreen University and Ministry of Health with support of GARD. The survey team has been established including representatives from the four Syrian universities, Ministry of Health directorate for NCDs and occupational diseases, WHO country office and school health and military health departments. 1599 patients in 22 centers in 6 governorates were surveyed. The results have been presented in the GARD Meeting in Tishreen University on 8-9 Decembre 2010, organized in close collaboration with WHO- EMRO and Montpellier University . Primary care doctors and post graduate students who participated to the survey acknowledged the importance of it. Participants from Syria at the GARD General Meeting in 2009 and at the First International conference for COPD patients, organized by the International COPD Coalition in Rome are currently founding a legal civil society called “ Helping CRD Patients". A very important outcome of the 8-9 Decembre 2010 meeting was the designation of Tishreen university as WHO- EMRO- GARD. Collaborating center for research and training on Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Co-morbidities, representative of this center attended the WHO- EMRO meeting in Dubai for Collaborating centers in April 2011 and presented the survey results . This Collaborating center aim at training on the essential on Chronic Repiratory Diseases and spirometry, in three languages : Arabic, English and French. And at the widespread of the GARD survey in the region. A training module on allergy for this center is under discussion with the university of Montpellier in France.