GARD Turkey activities

Chronic respiratory disease (asthma and COPD) prevention and control program and national action plan

GARD Turkey Project is the first of this nature involving the Ministry of Health (MoH) and an NGO, the Turkish Thoracic Society (TTS) in joint management of a major national program together with 46 parties The integrated approach of GARD has also targeted to GARD Turkey Project. The Turkish MoH has decided to apply this national control program in conformity with other NCD action plans of which some of them have been finalized such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and tobacco control programs. GARD Turkey City councils have been established in 81 cities and by laws have been prepared. Councils are composed of the local representatives of the GARD Turkey parties in each city and chaired by the director of MoH or vice in that city and responsible for the management and coordination of the activities of each group in the city. Working groups have met twice and selected the short, medium and long term activities in their action plans and the activities have been started. On 17 December 2010 the General Meeting of GARD Turkey was conducted where the action plans were updated according to The Ministry of Health Strategic and Action Plan 2010-2014.

Some examples of the activities since 2009 are listed as below:

  • MONITORING THE CHRONIC DISEASES AND THE CONTROL PROGRAM EVALUATION They had a workshop for renovating the recording system, collecting the current data and planning a new data collection system throughout the country.
  • AWARENESS AND ADVOCACY A questionnaire survey for COPD and Asthma public awareness has been conducted.
  • PREVENTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF DISEASE An expert panel has prepared and published a report “ Evaluation of indoor and outdoor air pollution and climate change in respect of the control of chronic respiratory diseases”.
  • EARLY DETECTION OF DISEASES AND PREVENTION OF THEIR PROGRESS A workshop has been organized for the curriculum and educational materials of educators for primary care settings and prepared the standard educational material for the educators of primary care about asthma, COPD, Home care and Pulmonary rehabilitation, Tobacco control.
  • EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF THE DISEASES AND PREVENTION OF COMPLICATIONS A workshop has been organized for home care integrated with other NCDs programs and a report was published. Important changes have been made in the reimbursement rules of the items of pulmonary rehabilitation and home care.