GARD Turkey activities

GARD Turkey General Meeting, Ankara, Turkey

Building GARD Turkey

The Turkish Thoracic Society, a GARD participant, took the lead to initiate discussions on GARD Turkey. The next step was to prepare a proposal for the National Control Program in Chronic Airway Diseases (Asthma – COPD).

For this purpose, a committee was set up to prepare a draft project that was presented to the Ministry of Health for approval. The Ministry of Health approved the project via signing a letter of support to GARD and its work in the country.

GARD Turkey was therefore established. The first GARD Turkey General Meeting was held in Ankara on 19 October 2007 with the participation of various interested parties in the field of chronic respiratory diseases, including the Turkish National Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, another GARD participant. Other scientific organizations, representatives of institutions of the government and representatives of various departments in the Ministry of Health are currently GARD Turkey collaborating parties.

GARD Turkey launch will be held on 29 May 2008 in Istanbul.