Launch of GARD for francophone countries

Francophone countries combating
chronic respiratory diseases with new coordination mechanism

"Women and children are particularly vulnerable, especially those in low- and middle-income countries. They spent most of the time indoors and are exposed on a daily basis to indoor air pollution from biomass fuels for cooking and heating."

Dr Khaltaev, Responsible Officer for GARD at WHO

The Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD) launched GARD Francophone on 11 April in Paris, France. This new coordination mechanism aims at grouping organizations, institutions and agencies to fight against the burden of chronic respiratory diseases in France and francophone Africa. In a later stage, other francophone countries may join.

GARD Francophone will facilitate the exchange of relevant information related to the burden of chronic respiratory diseases in francophone countries. In addition, it will increase awareness on the impact of lung diseases on people's health, and how they can be successfully prevented or treated. The burden of lung diseases in francophone countries is outstanding
but it is clear that this epidemic can be controlled.

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