Informal Meeting of 3 September 2006 in Munich, Germany

Sunday, 3 September 2006

14h00 - 14h05 Introduction (J. Bousquet)

Purpose of the meeting

14h05 - 14h15 Collaborating parties (N. Khaltaev)

14h15 - 15h45 Communication

14h45 - 15h00 Structure (R. Dahl)

Comments received by GARD collaborating parties
Status of work

15h00 - 15h15 Coffee break

15h15 - 16h15 Country focused activities and National GARD

NHLBI COPD Awareness program (J. Kiley)
GARD Francophone (P. Godard)

16h15 - 16h30 GARD Projects

16h30 - 16h40 Budget

16h40 - 16h50 WHO Meeting on InterAirways

16h50 - 17h00 Proposals for GARD General Meeting and Conclusions