2008 General Meeting

30-31 May 2008, Istanbul, Turkey

Provisional programme
Friday, 30 May 2008

08h30-09h00 Registration of participants

09h00-09h10 Welcome speech
(Dr A. Yorgancioglu, Turkish Thoracic Society)
09h10-09h20 Introductory remarks
(Dr T. Ergüder, WHO Liaison Office, Turkey)
09h20-09h30 Address to the General Meeting
(Dr S. Aydin, Ministry of Health, Turkey)
09h30-09h40 Introduction to the General Meeting, nomination of chairperson and rapporteurs, discussion and agreement on agenda and programme of work
(Dr A. Cruz, WHO)
09h40-09h50 WHO and the Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD),
Dr S. Resnikoff, WHO [pdf 580kb]

09h50-10h00 Update on GARD, purpose and expectations for the 2008 General Meeting,
Dr J. Bousquet, GARD Chairperson [pdf 1.3Mb]

Coffee break

Session 1: Practices and proposals for control of chronic respiratory diseases
Moderator: Dr A. Yorgancioglu, Turkish Thoracic Society

10h20-10h30 Chronic respiratory diseases and other noncommunicable diseases in Egypt,
Dr M. Tag El-Din, Former Minister of Health of Egypt [pdf 2Mb]
10h30-10h40 Chronic respiratory diseases and other noncommunicable diseases in WHO Regional Office for Africa, Dr B. Sambo, Regional Adviser, AFRO [pdf 400kb]
10h40-10h50 Long term successful partnership against chronic respiratory diseases in Finland,
Dr A. Heloma, Finnish Public Health Institute [pdf 111kb]

10h50-11h00 Development of a national framework against chronic respiratory diseases in Canada,
Ms L. Vardy, Public Health Agency of Canada [pdf 1Mb]

11h00-11h10 French action plans on chronic respiratory diseases,
Dr E. Lemarié, French Language Society of Pulmonology [pdf 2.2Mb]

11h10-11h20 Action against chronic respiratory diseases in Italy,
Dr S. Nardini on behalf of the National Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control, Italy [pdf 811kb]

11h20-11h30 General discussion

Session 2: GARD working groups
Moderator: Dr J. Bousquet, GARD Chairperson

Operating procedures for GARD working groups
11h30-11h40 Discussion and endorsement of the operating procedures for GARD working groups,
Dr E. Bateman, GARD Executive Committee [pdf 339kb]

11h40-11h50 Revision of GARD working groups composition by the Executive Committee
Dr R. Dahl, GARD Vice-Chairperson
11h50-12h00 General discussion

Proposals on the areas of work of GARD working groups
12h00-12h10 Burden, risk factors and surveillance,
Dr G. Viegi, Chairperson working group 1 [pdf 1.5Mb]

12h10-12h20 Prevention and health promotion, Dr M. Boland, Chairperson working group 3
12h20-12h30 Diagnosis of chronic respiratory diseases,
Dr R. Perez Padilla, representative working group 4 [pdf 1.2Mb]

Buffet lunch

13h30-13h40 Allergy diagnosis,
Dr W. Canonica, representative working group 4 [pdf 1.7Mb]
13h40-13h50 Management: the Asthma Drug Facility,
Dr N. Ait-Khaled, representative working group 5 [pdf 3.9Mb]
13h50-14h00 Paediatrics,
Dr E. Valovirta and Dr C. Baena-Cagnani, Co-Chairpersons working group 6 [pdf 3.2Mb]
14h00-14h15 General discussion

Session 3: Action at country level
Moderator: Dr A. Cruz, WHO

Building a GARD Country
14h15-14h25 Discussion and endorsement of a set of suggestions on the establishment of a country alliance with the aim of pursuing GARD goal and objectives at country level (GARD Country),
Dr A. Cruz, WHO [pdf 785kb]

14h25-14h35 GARD demonstration projects at country level,
Dr J. Bousquet, GARD Chairperson [pdf 3.2Mb]
14h35-14h45 General discussion

Report of progress in countries interested in building a GARD Country
14h45-14h50 Finland, Dr E. Valovirta [pdf 685kb]
14h50-14h55 Bulgaria, Dr T. Popov [pdf 1.2Mb]
14h55-15h00 Canada, Dr L-P. Boulet [pdf 840kb]
15h00-15h05 Egypt, Dr M. Tag El-Din [pdf 221kb]
15h05-15h10 Georgia, Dr T. Maglakelidze [pdf 6.5Mb]
15h10-15h15 Greece, Dr N. Siafakas [pdf 142kb]
15h15-15h20 India, Dr R. Pawankar
15h20-15h30 General discussion

Coffee break

16h00-16h05 Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr M. Reza Masjedi [pdf 1.2Mb]
16h05-16h10 Kazakhstan, Dr A. Baigenzhin [pdf 2.2Mb]
16h10-16h15 Lithuania, Dr A. Valiulis
16h15-16h20 Mexico, Dr R. Perez Padilla [pdf 3.6Mb]
16h20-16h25 Romania, Dr D. Dumitrascu [pdf 349kb]
16h25-16h30 Russian Federation, Dr A. Belevskiy
16h30-16h35 South Africa (Dr E. Bateman)[pdf 2.5Mb]
16h35-16h40 Tunisia, Dr A. Ben Kheder [pdf 4.2Mb]
16h40-16h45 Viet Nam (Dr L. Le Thi Thuyet)
16h45-16h50 Bangladesh, Dr K. Benmoor
16h50-17h05 General discussion

Session 4: Projects in collaboration with GARD and new proposals
Moderator: Dr C. Baena-Cagnani, GARD Executive Committee
17h05-17h20 Surveys on chronic respiratory diseases at the primary healthcare level,
Dr N. Khaltaev, ARIA Initiative [pdf 715kb]

17h20-17h35 Quality control in chronic respiratory diseases management,
Dr C. Bai, Fudan University, People's Republic of China [pdf 7.1Mb]

17h35-17h50 Gaps in knowledge and in knowledge implementation for control of severe asthma - Urgent guidance is needed to establish priorities, Dr O. Kalayci, Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Turkey [pdf 480kb]
17h50-18h05 Tobacco Free Initiative,
Dr T. Ergüder, WHO Liaison Office, Turkey [pdf 3.0Mb]

18h05-18h15 Global initiatives of the European Respiratory Society,
Dr N. Siafakas, ERS [pdf 2.0Mb]

18h15-18h30 General discussion

Gala dinner