Gender, equity and human rights

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The global Gender, Equity and Human Rights team, comprised of staff across all six regions as well as in some WHO country offices, oversees the integration of gender, equity and human rights into healthcare programmes and policies across the different programme areas that make up the World Health Organization. At headquarters, this work is led by Dr Veronica Magar and supported by four technical officers and a programme officer. In the regions and countries, this work is overseen by regional Gender, Equity and Human Rights staff in offices for South-East Asia, the Americas, the Western Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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World Health Organization
Gender, Equity and Rights
20, Avenue Appia
CH-1211 Geneva 27

Who we work with

The Gender, Equity and Human Rights team – across countries, regions and headquarters – engages with partners including Member State governments, multilateral system partners (including other UN agencies, donor agencies, and others), civil society and NGOs, academia and research institutions.

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