Gender, equity and human rights

Gender, equity, human rights team newsletters 2015 and 2016

December 2016

Re-affirming our common humanity on Human Rights Day

Dear friends and colleagues,

In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda's overarching goal of leaving no one behind, we need a better understanding of the health experiences of the vulnerable and invisible - those who are more likely to experience discrimination, stigma and violations of their human rights. As we mark International Human Rights Day, we look at the human faces behind health inequalities, explore why human rights are so central to the 2030 Agenda and look to the future for the world we want.

As public health professionals, it is especially important to understand the daily realities of people whose health we seek to improve. Please read my commentary to find out about how the Gender, Equity and Human Rights team at WHO is working to tailor its public health mandate to the realities of individual lives in order to respect everyone's human rights.

We hope you will continue to follow the activities of the Gender, Equity and Human Rights team on our website and by following me on Twitter.

Warm regards,

Dr Veronica Magar Team leader, Gender, Equity and Human Rights Team