Gender, women and health


Women and health: today's evidence tomorrow's agenda

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Despite considerable progress in the past decades, societies continue to fail to meet the health care needs of women at key moments of their lives, particularly in their adolescent years and in older age.

WHO calls for urgent action both within the health sector and beyond to improve the health and lives of girls and women around the world, from birth to older age.

This library provides normative research and evidence as well as evidence-based information, policy guidance and practical tools on the issues of gender, women and health as well as gender analysis and actions. It features more than 50 publications and documents published by GWH; all of them are available for download, and most hard copies, where available, can be ordered free of charge.

It is hoped that you will find the material useful for increasing knowledge about the impact of gender inequality on people's health and about how to develop evidence-based policies, programmes and actions that improve gender equality and health equity.
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Gender, Equity and Human Rights