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DRAFT GWH Guidelines on Gender-Relevant Indicators in Health Research

In recent years, fuelled by such international meetings as the 1994 Cairo Conference on Population and Development and the 1995 Beijing World Conference on Women, interest has grown in the ways in which sex and gender – and the gender arrangements of any given society – affect health. But if health professionals are going to be able to investigate and intervene to change gender-and-health problems, they will need relevant data. WHO’s Department of Gender and Women’s Health (GWH) has prepared these Guidelines on Gender-Relevant Indicators in Health Research in order help interested health workers collect the sorts of information they will need to effectively explore and address gender-related health issues.

The Guidelines are divided into three sections - an introductory chapter explaining the rationale for the guidelines and the theoretical framework which dictated our choice of indicators, and two further chapters focused on national-level and individual/household-level indicators, respectively. You can see each of these chapters by clicking on the links below.

- Draft introduction and theoretical framework [pdf 33kb]
- Draft national-level guidelines [pdf 41kb]
- Draft individual- and household-level guidelines [pdf 46kb]

Please note: These Guidelines are currently in DRAFT form. We have posted them here to investigate the possibility of using the Web to generate useful feedback and commentary from many quarters (see below). However, as currently constituted, these Guidelines should NOT be quoted, cited, or otherwise referred to as an official GWH document.

Your feedback is important!

Different researchers will have different ideas of what is vital to know when doing gender-and-health work. The field is new and changing, and any list of indicators cannot hope to be "definitive." With this in mind, GWH would like to invite you to provide us with your feedback after you have looked at these Guidelines. Have we included the most important points? Have we left out something essential? Do you disagree with our prioritization? Could we explain the rationale for our lists more clearly? We'd like to know.

Your comments will be used to improve future versions of these Guidelines. Please click on the link below and tell us what you think.

- Comments form for Guidelines on Gender-Relevant Indicators in Health Research

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