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The field of genetics has already generated important technologies and approaches for the benefit of public health. Genetic research and its applications need to be managed through frameworks that safeguard human dignity, safety, states’ interests, and health for all.

The ELSI Genetics Resource Directory (ELSI ReD) has been developed to provide an easy to use source to locate documents on genetic testing and screening, pharmacogenomics, genetic patents, genetic databanks and gene therapy. The directory includes legislations, guidelines, reports and statements.


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More documents can be found on the International Digest of Health Legislation/ Recueil international de Législation sanitaire

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    This publication ensures the world-wide transfer of information in health legislation through the International Digest of Health Legislation / Recueil international de Législation sanitaire (IDHL/R.I.L.S). It includes references to original laws and subsequent amendments and establishes electronic links to full texts in their original language or translated. Classified under 22 subject categories and 28 sub-categories, some 1000 texts of regional, national and international legislation in some 50 languages are collected, analyzed, summarized or translated every year. Some of the content of ELSI ReD was drawn directly from the IDLY/RILS.

Genetic testing

Quality and Safety in Genetic testing: Australia and New Zealand Case studies

Quality & Safety in Genetic Testing: An Emerging Concern


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