Human Genomics in Global Health

Glossaries of genetic terminology

The WHO glossary

This glossary of technical terms was published by the Advisory Committee on Health Research, in its report, Genomics and World Health published in 2002. It reflects official WHO use of genomic terminology.

The NGHRI talking glossary

This glossary of genetic terms was created by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Audio information, images and additional links aim to help people without a scientific background to understand common terms used in genetics.

The human genome programme glossary

A glossary of genetic terms from the U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program. Here, you may also find a list of helpful links to further glossaries and dictionaries. One of the special features of the Human Genome Project information website is the dictionary of genetic terms

The hypermedia glossary

This alphabetical list 656 of genetic terms is prepared and presented by Dr. Birgid Schlindwein of the German Informations Technologie Weihenstephan, which forms part of the technical University of Munich, Germany.

Other glossaries of genome / human genetics terms

This website prepared by the University of Kansas Medical Centre presents an overview of glossaries related to genomics and human genetics. The glossaries are maintained by various organisations. You will also find terms for specific conditions and special dictionaries on this website.


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