Human Genomics in Global Health

Networks and partners

WHO regional networks

Membership at the World Health Organization comprises 192 Member States, divided into 6 geographical regions. The Human Genetics Programme (HGN) at WHO headquarters works closely with each of the six WHO regions on all projects and programmes in human genetics.

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The six WHO regions are:

  • the Eastern Mediterranean region (EMRO)
  • the European region (EURO)
  • the American region (AMRO/PAHO)
  • the South-East Asian region (SEARO)
  • the Western Pacific region (WPRO)
  • the African region (AFRO)

WHO regional counterparts in genetics

The Human Genetics Programme (HGN) conducts all activities in human genetics in cooperation with focal points based in the six WHO regional offices.

Other HGN networks and partners

In addition to the WHO regional network, the Human Genetics Programme (HGN) works closely with a diverse panel of experts, Collaborating Centres as well as Nongovernmental organizations from over 21 countries to provide advise, guidance, technical inputs and support on all projects in human genetics. It also taps on in-house expertise from many departments working on health issues related to human genetics in World Health Organization in order to inform its work priorities and provide more comprehensive and coherent information to the public on health concerns.


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