Genomic resource centre


  • Access to the genome: the challenge to equality
    By Maxwell J. Mehlman, Jeffrey R. Botkin Published by Georgetown University Press (Washington, D.C.) Discusses the unequal distribution of access to new genomic technologies, the ethical, legal and social implications of these technologies, and the benefits of genomics.
  • Assessing genetic risks: implications for health and social policy
    By Lori B. Andrews and Committee on Assessing Genetic Risks at the Institute of Medicine, USA Discusses: -Quality control in genetic testing -Appropriate roles for public agencies, private health practitioners, and laboratories, -Education and counselling for individuals considering testing -Use of test results in insurance and employment settings.
  • Genetics and public health in 21st century
    Discusses the need for the integration of genetics into public health research and care and provides a comprehensive review of genetics in public health practice.
  • Mapping public policy for genetic technologies: a legislator's resource guide
    Brenda Trolin (Editor), Supported by the National Conference of State Legislatures (USA) Discusses genetics and privacy rights, research regulation, and testing facilities. Intended to walk policymakers and law-makers through the debates and controversy surrounding genetics.