Human Genetics programme

Resources for policy makers

WHO recognizes the field of genomics as a powerful vehicle for achieving global health equity. The Human Genetic Programme encourages policy makers to assess the relevance and utility of genetic research and technologies to the health needs of their countries. This section aims to present the challenges and opportunities that genomics poses for policy in the achievement of public health goals.

This section includes a general introduction to genetic diseases, issues around the cost effectiveness of genetic services as well as the important ethical, legal and social implications of the science.

  • Genomics and policy
    Provides a brief introduction to the role of policy in the future development of genomics.
  • Global applications of genomics in health care
    Includes a selection of applications of genomics in healthcare from around the world designed mainly to facilitate an exchange of ideas and to encourage innovation in public healthcare and service delivery.
  • Ask the Expert
    Includes an active panel of experts chosen by WHO to answer your queries on genetics and health issues.


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