Human Genomics in Global Health

Global applications of genomics in healthcare: Brazil

Genomics advances in Brazil

Setting: research institutes

Focus of intervention: healthcare providers/researchers/community


Brazil, once a newcomer to the field of genomics, is now a leader in genomic research, competing strongly with the United States and United Kingdom in characterizing the genetics of cancer. Brazil's first key project in genomics was in 1997; from then to now, Brazil has become a leader of sequencing genomes, the work done in conjunction between individuals throughout the nation, rather than a single facility.


Initially, Brazil invested $11 million in order to begin a genomics program, though the various projects now being worked on receive funding from numerous organizations around the world. This initiative proved to be very positive for Brazil, in that it has fostered a strong genomics influence in healthcare.


Brazil's example shows other developing nations that they can also compete in the field of genomics. Whereas other fields are limited to technology and resources, sequencing DNA still remains a laborious task which anyone can be trained to do. Thus, countries which discover novelties first can always patent them. Brazil's initial investment to nurture genomics has definitely shown positive results, and can be a model for other countries.