Human Genomics in Global Health

Global applications of genomics in healthcare

This is a selection of international medical research successfully demonstrating the potential for genetic science and technology in healthcare innovation. These illustrations are drawn from countries around the world and present achievements in diverse areas including the creation of new drugs, better health policies and new research methodology.

Through these illustrations the Human Genetic Programme (HGN) aims to give visibility to the current benefits of genetics, facilitate the exchange of ideas and encourage innovation in public healthcare and services.

Each case in this expanding list has been chosen according to a specific set of criteria. In order to highlight the wide scope and relevance of genomics, special effort has been made to provide a balanced geographic representation of health research that addresses a range of issues in innovative ways.

For the convenience of the reader, each case contains a brief summary presented according to the country, focus of intervention, background, intervention, results, and the sources of information.


Criteria for including a case in this section

A. Studies/cases must report definitive measures of at least one of the following items:

  • Relating to the Patient/Public: improving public health through the use of genomic intervention on a large magnitude.
  • Relating to the Healthcare Practitioner: improving the method of genomics application to the healthcare field or better incorporating genomics into the role of a healthcare practitioner.
  • Relating to Resources: improving resource utilisation, specifically economic variables.
  • Relating to Policy: addressing policy issues that have implications for genetic diseases or common diseases related to genetics, or to ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI).

B. Studies/cases must be related to genetics either directly through a genetic condition or indirectly through genetic-based intervention of common conditions.

If you know of other examples of innovative applications of genomics to health that are not presently included in this collection we would like to learn about them. Send an email to with a brief description of the case along with references you find on the particular area of work. We appreciate your input in developing and updating this site.


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