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The science of genomics is increasing rapidly and may change many aspects of the public health. It is important that professionals in all areas of healthcare keep themselves abreast of these advances and informed about the resources available for patient care. Most often, the physician serves as a first and principal resource for the patients to learn about the latest treatment possibilities and options. Now more than ever it is important that health professionals develop a holistic approach to patient care and health service delivery..

This section contains a selection of self-training modules available online which provide healthcare professionals and their staff with a basic understanding of genetics and genomics. The modules are easy to use and accessible to all users for free. Also available is a selection of programs and courses in universities worldwide where health care staff can gain better insight into this developing field and its impact on the future of public health.

Overall, this section caters to the needs of healthcare professionals with little or no specialist knowledge of genomics.

Self-training online tools
Directories and courses

Self-training online tools

  • CyberGUIDE to Basic Medical Genetics
    CyberGUIDE is an online took providing an introductory level series of lectures on clinical genetics. It covers various topics from cell division to genetic disorders to more detailed concepts within the field of genetics.
  • Genomics and Disease Prevention: Information On-Line Presentations
    This web site contains a list of materials put for by the Center for Disease Control with resources on various topics related to genomics and disease, including some CDC sponsored work.
  • Recombinant DNA Labs: Basic Tools for the Molecular Biologist
    This online module is primarily for students to understand the ways in biologists experiment using various tools. The module focuses on plasmid insertion into bacteria, bacterial cultures, purification of plasmids, restriction enzyme cleavage, and PCR.
  • S* Bioinformatics Online Course
    S* is a collaborative effort between the University of Sydney (Australia), Karlinska Institutet (Sweden), University of Uppsala (Sweden), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of the Western Cape (South Africa), Stanford University (USA), and the University of California in San Diego (USA). This collaboration serves to provide education in modules, particularly for genomics and bioinformatics. The course is primarily an introductory level course.
  • Teaching Tools: "The Primary Care Physician: The Primary Source of Genetic Testing Information"
    This online powerpoint presentation is geared toward the education of healthcare practitioners who are not specialized in genetics. The goals of the presentation include increasing awareness about genetic tests and counseling, and locating various services.

Directories and courses