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Global situation: Skilled and motivated health workers in sufficient numbers at the right place and at the right time are critical to deliver effective services and improve health outcomes (WHO 2010). However, a shortage of qualified health workers in rural areas is common in both developed and developing countries. In most developing countries in the world more than half of their populations live in rural areas. Globally, rural areas are served by only 38% of the total nursing workforce and by less than 25% of the total physician workforce.

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Training capacity

<2%of the global health expenditure, about US$ 100 billion are spent each year on health professional education

WHO policy brief on financing education of health professionals, 2013

M&E system and strategy

1 in 3of the selected HRH crisis countries had a monitoring and evaluation system and strategy

Human resources for health (HRH) observer
Issue No. 9, May 2012

National HRH plans

55%of the 57 countries facing health workforce crisis report implementation of the national plan

Human resources for health (HRH) observer, Issue No. 6, December 2010


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