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Malaria control, diagnosis and treatment

Situation and trends

The proportion of suspected malaria cases receiving a malaria diagnostic test has increased markedly since 2010, especially in Africa. The proportion of suspected cases receiving a parasitological test in the public sector can be calculated from information on testing and malaria cases reported by national malaria control programmes. The proportion of suspected cases tested is highest in the WHO Region of the Americas and the WHO European Region, followed by the WHO South-East Asia Region, the WHO Western Pacific Region and the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. The WHO African Region has seen the largest increase in the proportion of suspected cases tested, from 47% in 2010 – when WHO’s recommendation to test all suspected malaria cases was introduced – to 62% in 2013. The recent increase in testing in the WHO African Region is mainly due to an increase in the use of rapid diagnostic tests, which has doubled since 2010 and accounted for 52% of all cases tested in 2013.

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