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In 2012, there were 99 countries and territories with ongoing malaria transmission and 5 countries in the prevention of reintroduction phase, making a total of 104 countries and territories in which malaria is presently considered endemic. Globally, an estimated 3.3 billion people were at risk of malaria in 2011, with populations living in sub-Saharan Africa having the highest risk of malaria infection. Approximately half of countries with ongoing malaria transmission are on track to meet the World Health Assembly target to achieve a 75% reduction in malaria case incidence rates by 2015, compared to levels in 2000.

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26 millionreported malaria cases in 2011
219 million estimated cases in 2010 (range: 154-289 million)

Number of malaria cases


106 820reported deaths from malaria in 2011
660 000 estimated deaths in 2010
(range: 490 000-836 000)

Number of malaria deaths


10 of the 99countries with ongoing malaria transmission are classified by WHO as being in malaria elimination phase

Classification of countries by stage of malaria elimination, 2012
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