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Water and sanitation

The MDG drinking water target, which calls for halving the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water between 1990 and 2015, was met in 2010, five years ahead of schedule. 2.6 billion gained access to improved sources of drinking water during this period. While this a tremendous achievement, efforts should continue to give access to remaining 663 million people who still relies on unimproved water sources (surface water from lakes, rivers, dams, or unprotected dug wells or springs) for their drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene.

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Improved drinking water sources

663million people still rely on unimproved water sources in 2015

Data analysis on the use of improved drinking water sources

Improved sanitation facilities

68% of the world’s population had access to improved sanitation facilities in 2015

Data analysis on the use of improved sanitation facilities

Open defecation

946 millionpeople practised open defecation in 2015

WHO/UNICEF joint monitoring report 2015: Progress on drinking water and sanitation

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