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Dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease)

Situation and trends

In 1986, 3.5 million new cases were estimated to occur annually. By 1989, 892 055 cases were reported based on active village-based searches. By 2013, as a result of the intensive efforts to eradicate dracunculiasis, the annual incidence was brought down to 148 cases, a reduction of more than 99% since 1989.

In 2013, only four countries (Chad, Ethiopia, Mali and South Sudan) remain endemic; South Sudan accounted for 76% of all cases reported in 2013. The number of endemic villages declined from the peak of 23 735 in 1991 to 79 in 2013. Dracunculiasis is now on the verge of eradication. WHO has certified 197 countries, areas and territories, including 185 WHO Member States, as free of dracunculiasis.

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