Global Health Observatory (GHO) data

How many TB cases and deaths are there?

Situation in 2016

Estimated: 10.4 million (range: 8.77–12.2 million) new TB cases.

Estimated: 1.3 million (range: 1.16–1.44 million) HIV-negative people died from TB and 0.37 million (range: 0.33–0.43 million) HIV-positive people died from TB.

Notified: 6.3 million newly diagnosed TB cases.


Globally, the TB mortality rate is falling at about 3% per year. TB incidence is falling at about 2% per year and 16% of TB cases die from the disease; by 2020, these figures need to improve to 4–5% per year and 10%, respectively, to reach the first (2020) milestones of the End TB Strategy.

Global trends in the estimated number of incident TB cases and the number of TB deaths (in millions), 2000–2016

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