Global Health Observatory (GHO)

Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP3) immunization coverage


Immunization at the global level has progressed very well during the past 30 years, but further increases in coverage would save the lives of millions more who do not yet benefit from this protection. Global immunization coverage with three doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP3) vaccine has been sustained at 78% until 2004. 102 countries have reached DTP3 coverage of 90% or more and 80 countries are within the 50-89% range. Ten countries – in Africa, Asia and Central America – have coverage levels below 50%. Among urban areas of Africa, Americas and Asia, urban coverage is between 70-80%, on average. However, DTP3 immunization coverage for the urban poorest 20% children is 61%, 73% and 65% for Africa, Americas and Asia, respectively.


DTP3 immunization coverage rates for the urban poorest 20% as well as the richest 20% have decreased in Africa, on average. For example, on average, DTP3 immunization coverage rate has fallen from 68% to 65% in the poorest 20% urban population in Africa. However, there have been modest increases in DTP3 immunization coverage rates in both urban richest and poorest 20% populations in Americas and Asia.


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