Global Health Observatory (GHO) data

Measles immunization coverage


Measles immunization coverage for children in urban areas ranges between
83–87% in Africa, Americas and Asia, though, children in the richest 20% urban households are more likely to get vaccinated than children from the poorest 20% households. Inequalities across wealth quintiles in urban areas are higher in Africa and Asia than in the Americas when measured by either rate ratios or rate differences.


Coverage of measles immunization has increased by 4%, 2% and 8% for urban children in Africa, Americas and Asia, respectively between 1990–1999 and
2000–2011. An increase in coverage can also be seen for children in the poorest 20% urban households in the three regions. Inequalities in coverage between children in the richest 20% and poorest 20% urban households have also decreased between the two decades in all regions.


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