WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on the Prevention and Control of NCDs

The role of WHO GCM/NCD Dialogues

WHO GCM/NCD Global Dialogue meetings respond to one of the GCM/NCD’s key objectives, which is to advocate for and raise awareness of the urgency of implementing the Global Action Plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, 2013-2020. Three Global Dialogues have been held to date, and have contributed recommendations and multistakeholder insights into distinct aspects of the prevention and control of NCDs. The fourth Global Dialogue will be held in 2017.

The Global Dialogue meetings are multistakeholder events, with participants drawn from Member States, United Nations agencies and other IGOs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in official relations with WHO, eligible participants to the WHO GCM/NCD, which include philanthropic foundations, WHO collaborating centres, academic institutions, selected private sector business associations.

Recommendations and reports from the previous Global Dialogues can be found on this webpage. During 2015, two Global Dialogues were held: firstly, on how to encourage the continued inclusion of noncommunicable diseases in development cooperation agendas and initiatives; and secondly, on how to mobilize international cooperation on noncommunicable diseases. In 2016, the Global Dialogue explored the role of non-State actors in supporting Member States in their national efforts to tackle noncommunicable diseases as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Pre-Dialogue caucuses were introduced into the second Global Dialogue held in 2015. These informal meets are organized independently of WHO in the lead up to the Global Dialogue. The caucuses contribute to the Global Dialogue by engaging participants in joint analysis and prompting discussion about future action amongst similar stakeholders or within a specific constituency. Representatives of each caucus report back at the Global Dialogue meeting to deliver their feedback.

The 2017 Global Dialogue will be held in October, and will address how governments can promote policy coherence between different spheres of policy-making that have a bearing on noncommunicable diseases.

Mandate to establish Global Dialogues

Global Dialogue meetings