Global Health Histories

Lunchtime seminars 2005-2007


Seminar 1: The role of WHO in the history of global health
Seminar 2: Going global: Uruguay, child well-being and international health, 1890-1940
Seminar 3: Cholera in Egypt and the origins of WHO


Seminar 4: From medical geography to the geography of health
Seminar 5: Contemporary approaches to the construction of knowledge in public health: the social construction of the concept of "jungle yellow fever" - a case study
Seminar 6: Health and Social Change. How comparing South Africa, Russia and 19th century Sweden gives clues on human resources for health today
Seminar 7: Visual Media in the Pursuit of World Health
Seminar 8: Mission Impossible? WHO's Third Decade (1968 - 77) Efforts to Make Health an Integral Part of National Socio-Economic Development
Seminar 9: Vikings Against Tuberculosis. The International Tuberculosis Campaign in India 1948-51
Seminar 10: The WHO Response To The HIV/AIDS Pandemic
Seminar 11: International Public Health Before the WHO
Seminar 12: The Rise and Fall of Health Systems Research: Lessons from the 1970s
Seminar 13: Is the World Health Organization on the right course?


Seminar 14: Primary Health Care: Not the best of beginnings?
Seminar 15: African Health History: PHC, women’s health and the gender trap
Seminar 16: Primary Health Care in the 21st century: Which way forward?
Seminar 17: Darwinian Medicine: How evolutionary biology can improve public health
Seminar 18: Public health posters: past and present