Ecosystems and human well-being: Health synthesis

This report synthesizes the findings from the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment's (MA) global and sub-global assessments of how ecosystem changes do, or could, affect human health and well-being. All the MA authors and review editors have contributed to this report through their contributions to the underlying assessment chapters on which this text is based.

Five additional MA synthesis reports were prepared to facilitate access to information by other audiences: general overview; UNCCD (desertification); CBD (biological diversity); Ramsar Convention (wetlands); and business. Each MA sub-global assessment also will produce additional reports to meet the needs of its own audience. The full technical assessment reports of the four MA working groups were published in mid 2005 by Island Press.

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Cover, contents, foreword, reader's guide, summary for decision-makers [pdf 614kb]
Key questions - 1. Why do ecosystems matter to human health? [pdf 876kb]
2. How have ecosystems changed and what are the health implications? [pdf 157kb]
3. How might ecosystems change and what would be the health implications? [pdf 343kb]
4. What actions are required to address the health consequences of ecosystem change? [pdf 239kb]
5. How can priorities be established for actions to address the health consequences of ecosystem change? [pdf 242kb]
6. What are the policy implications of the most robust findings and key uncertainties? [pdf 119kb]
Appendices [pdf 252kb]

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