Climate change and human health

Climate change links

Intergovernmental processes
National government climate programmes
Learning networks for climate and health
  • Partnerships
  • Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre
    The Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre is the reference centre on climate change of the Red Cross / Red Crescent family. The Climate Centre supports the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to understand and address the humanitarian consequences of climate change and extreme weather events.
  • Environment, Health and Development Network
    The EHD network brings together researchers, practitioners and funders focussed on interlinkages of environment and health issues and how these relate with processes of development.
  • Adaptation Learning Mechanism
    The ALM seeks to provide a common platform for sharing and learning about climate adaptation. This online platform to map good practices, provide information, tools and guidance, and building knowledge and networks on climate change adaptation.
    The One UN Training Service Platform for Climate Change is a collaboration of UN agencies which seeks to foster knowledge sharing and strengthening of climate change learning and skills development in Member States, through a One UN approach.
Tools and resources

WHO is committed to providing the health sector with information, tools and advice to actively participate in national, regional and international mechanisms.

  • Gateway to the UN System's Work on Climate Change
    The UN Gateway on Climate Change maintained by the CEB, provides news, features and links to climate change related activities from all UN agencies participating in the Chief Executives Board.
  • Online Inventory of UN System Activities on Climate Change
    The Inventory maintained by the CEB provides summary information on the wide array of activities and projects underway throughout the UN system in response to the global climate change challenge.
  • Climate Community
    UNDP’s Climate Community website provides information on key climate change issues, including its economic and policy implications and analyses.