Climate change and human health

UK Global Health Strategy Panel Discussion: Health Adaptation to Climate Change in Low and Middle Income Countries

31 March 2011, London, United Kingdom

Anne Milton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Stephen O’Brien MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development launched the UK’s Global Health Outcomes Framework today at the Second Annual Partners’ Forum. The Health is Global: An outcomes framework for global health 2011-2015 will focus the UK Government’s efforts to drive forward the global health agenda by 2015. It defines twelve global health outcomes in three overarching areas for action: global health security, international development and trade. The outcomes framework builds on the very well received cross Government strategy for global health, Health is Global - a UK Government strategy 2008-2013. The strategy aimed to set out how government departments should work together coherently to improve health in the UK and overseas. Climate change and health adaptation is an area of global health of growing importance. There is significant work to be done on assessing health risk, adaptation to protect vulnerable populations, and achieving health benefits that should accompany "green growth". The framework sets out a commitment on the part of the UK Government to support low and middle income countries to assess and address health risks from climate change. WHO was represented in the meeting and on the panel discussion on climate change, articulating how WHO's global programme on climate change and health is already helping to achieve the goals outlined in the UK's strategy, in all regions of the world, and highlighting how closer collaboration with the UK could help achieve both improved policy coherence, and better health protection on the ground.