Climate change and human health

WHO conference on health and climate: background

Climate disruption can compromise health security through extreme weather events and infectious disease outbreaks. Air pollution increases the burden of non-communicable disease. A greater focus on preventative public health measures could ease pressure on health services and provide a more supportive environment for achieving universal health coverage.

Since 2008 the World Health Organization has shown leadership in raising awareness of the threats posed by climate change to health. Specifically, WHO has provided evidence, technical guidance and piloted approaches to protect health from climate risks.

There is now an urgent need to advance a more concrete and systematic approach to implementing health protection, led by the health community, in coordination with others.

Who will be attending

This conference will provide guidance to Health, Environment, Energy and Development Ministers of Member States, senior Civil Servants, technical experts, other UN agencies, NGOs, Chief Executives from Health Authorities, and relevant private sector entities.

Attendance is by invitation only.

The conference will provide a spring-board for action in addressing the impacts of climate change on health, with the potential to improve the lives of millions. 

WHO conference on health and climate