Climate change and human health

Fifth Global Climate and Health Summit

11 November 2017, Bonn, Germany

The Paris Agreement, adopted at COP21 in 2015, represented a pivotal moment in determining the global response to climate change. The Agreement came into force in November 2016, signed by 195 out of 197 nations, and (notwithstanding the recent change in position of the United States of America) represents a crucial step towards keeping global aggregate temperatures below 2°C. Many, however, believe that we can do better than 2 degrees. To protect public health, we must do better. There is a call to limit warming to 1.5°C, and to do so, achieve a net downward trend in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

The Global Climate and Health Summit will focus, through a health lens, on action in cities and regions to advance implementation of national targets under the Paris Agreement and build momentum for increased ambition in climate commitments. It will serve as an opportunity to promote the investment in communities and health systems, increase awareness of sustainable urban and regional development in the context of climate change and health, and strengthen collaboration among health organizations and with other sectors to increase capacity of the global response to climate change.

The Summit will combine dynamic plenary presentations with high-level political representation to encourage commitment to action, explore the political context, and raise awareness of the issues being faced; with an action-oriented “World Cafe” segment which will act as a best-practice sharing exercise to share health sector measures and activities, resources, encourage intellectual exchange and galvanize implementation.

The Fifth Global Climate and Health Summit, will also run in parallel to the COP in Bonn, Germany on 11 November 2017.