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Documentary films

The following WHO documentaries investigate the health impacts of climate change. Putting these three health arguments at the center of the COP-15 conference in Copenhagen could ensure that in the new post-Kyoto agreement we will all share in the health and economic benefits that can accrue from countering climate change.

- Documentary 1 - Climate change is profoundly bad for health… as carbon goes up health goes down

- Documentary 2 - Reducing green house gases emissions can be profoundly beneficial to health…. As carbon goes down health goes up

- Documentary 3 - The health impacts of climate change are socially unjust

Public service announcement (PSA) videos

Watch the PSA videos

- "Breathe" [video duration 00:00:31]
A WHO YouTube channel video on climate change and health

- PSA1 [wmv, duration 00:00:30, 966kb]
- PSA2 [wmv, duration 00:00:30, 952kb]
- PSA3 [wmv, duration 00:00:30, 975kb]
- PSA4 [wmv, duration 00:00:30, 972kb]

Infographics on health and climate change

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