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31 August - 2 September
Goa, India

Joint Indo-US Workshop on Climate Change and Health

Climate change has enormous and diverse impacts on human society. These impacts include significant and diverse threats to human health stemming from extreme heat, weather-related disasters, shifting patterns of infectious disease and vector borne diseases, exacerbations of air pollution effects, food and water scarcity amongst others. Developing countries, such as India, will bear the brunt of these public health impacts as these impacts are expected to become even more severe in the future.

Under the auspices of the existing Indo-U.S. Collaboration on Environmental and Occupational Health, The Indian Council of Medical Research, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Michigan will convene a workshop to bring together key stakeholders and partners in academia, government and non-governmental organizations, the private sector and affected communities.

The overall objective for the Workshop is to develop consensus recommendations regarding a proposed “National Initiative” for Prediction and Prevention of Climate Change Health Impacts.

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