Climate change and human health


Broad and active partnerships are required for global scale action to protect human health from climate change. WHO engages and collaborates with a range of partners (UN, academic, scientific, donors and others) to support and advocate for health protection from climate risks within the UN system and climate policy processes; to strengthen the evidence of the impacts of climate change on human health; and to build necessary capacity within the health sector to protect health from climate change at all levels.

WHO regional and country offices provide close relationships to the health sector within Member States, who are the primary actors against health impacts from climate change and variability.

WHO recognizes the following departments, institutions, and donors who collaborate toward these common goals:

WHO departments across the organization are engaged in the implementation of the workplan for climate change and health

United Nations organizations

WHO is working with the following organizations in establishing a specific working groups to address the social dimension of climate change. It will focus on topics including labour, development, social protection, migration, gender and health:

WHO Collaborating Centers for Climate Change and Health

Donors and government agencies

The following donors have contributed financially to the implementation of the WHO workplan for climate change and health:

Government of the United Kingdom

Government of the United States

Government of Spain

Government of Italy

Principality of Monaco

WHO also collaborates with the following government agencies:

Non-governmental Organizations

The following NGOs work to bridge actors and engage civil society through advocacy, capacity building, applied research, and risk reduction interventions to mitigate the impacts of climate change on health.

Universities and Academic Centers

The following universities and institutions conduct research on climate change and health. Some also offer training and capacity building on the health effects of climate change:

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