Climate change and human health

Adaptation resources for health partners

Climate adaptation

Climate change is a significant and emerging threat to public health. Mitigating climate change by reducing green house gases in the atmosphere is slowly happening around the world. However it will not be sufficient or timely to prevent climate change from having negative impacts on ecosystems, populations and human health. Strategic steps and measures are required by the health sector to address additional and new health risks posed by climate change.

Adaptation to climate change means protecting human health by identifying health risks affected by climate change and proposing solutions to reduce community vulnerability to exposures or enhance management of health programs and systems.

WHO works with Member States and Partners to raise awareness, build capacity, conduct vulnerability and adaptation assessments, and design and implement climate adaptation projects and strategies for the health sector.

In 2010, WHO held a consultation with several Least Developed Countries, proposed a package of Essential Public Health Activities which should be invested in to protect populations in Least Developed Countries.

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