Climate change and human health

The Climate and Health country profiles - 2015

The Climate and Health Country Profiles provide relevant and reliable country-specific information about the current and future impacts of climate change on human health, the opportunities for health co-benefits from climate mitigation actions, and current policy responses at country level.

They aim at empowering Ministers of Health and other decision-makers to engage, advocate and act for health, in national preparations for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations in Paris in December 2015. In addition they form the basis for longer-term research, monitoring and prioritization of health and climate activities.

Individual country profiles

The Climate and Health Country Profile project is an ongoing initiative that is continuing to support all interested WHO Member States in finalising their country profiles through a country consultation process.

Global overview

The Climate and Health global overview is a complementary document to the country profiles, outlining the global trends in climate change and health that we can expect to experience, depending on our collective level of ambition, effectiveness and action.