Climate change and human health

WHO UNFCCC - Climate and Health Country Profile Project

Monitoring health impacts of climate change and progress in building climate resilient health systems

The WHO UNFCCC Climate and Health Country Profile Project aims to raise awareness of the health impacts of climate change, support evidence-based decision making to strengthen the climate resilience of health systems, and promote actions that improve health while reducing carbon emissions. The profiles provide country-specific estimates of current and future climate hazards and the expected burden of climate change on human health, identify opportunities for health co-benefits from climate mitigation actions, and track current policy responses at national level.

Action Plan

WHO Climate and Health Country Survey 2017 – Biennial survey roll-out

National progress on climate action in the health sector is tracked through a biennial WHO climate and health country survey. Data is currently being collected from ministries of health, in collaboration with other relevant ministries, to provide updated information on key areas including: leadership and governance, national vulnerability and adaptation assessments, emergency preparedness, disease surveillance, adaptation and resilience measures, climate and health finance and mitigation action in the health sector. The completion of the survey in all WHO regions is expected by November 2017. In addition to tracking global progress on climate and health action, national responses will also be presented in the 2019 WHO UNFCCC climate and health country profiles series.

WHO UNFCCC Climate and Health Country Profiles - 2019

Building on the previously released 2015 series of climate and health country profiles, the next series of climate and health country profiles will be released in 2019. This second series will expand coverage to approximately 80 countries. Planning is currently underway to revise the content, data collection and analysis for the next series, with a particular focus on assessing risks and adaptation options in the most vulnerable countries, and on the health co-benefits of mitigation actions, particularly through reductions in air pollution.


WHO UNFCCC Climate and Health Country Profiles – 2015

The first round of country profiles was released in 2015, and now includes over 40 countries, across all regions and levels of development. The profiles were developed through cross-sector consultation, dialogue and review, and are being used as an initial briefing of the climate change and health situation at national level, as a basis to initiate more detailed planning and implementation, and to facilitate sharing of information and progress tracking across countries. The first series of profiles can be accessed through the following link:

WHO UNFCCC Climate and Health Global Overview - 2015

The global overview is a complementary document to the country profiles, outlining the global trends in climate change and health that we can expect to experience, depending on our collective level of ambition, effectiveness and action.