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Scientific evidence

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Objective 3 - Promote and support the generation of scientific evidence

There are some important gaps in our knowledge, in particular about the current and potential future impacts of climate-related risks, the degree of population vulnerability, characteristics of vulnerable groups, the type of surveillance and alert and emergency management systems, the most useful indicators for monitoring and evaluation of the criteria for action, as well as the comparative effectiveness of different adaptation and mitigation policies for health promotion and protection.


The Secretariat will undertake seven actions.

Action 3.1 Assess the burden of disease attributable to climate change and project it to future years using existing and new approaches.

Action 3.2 Review and develop methodologies and guidelines on how to evaluate vulnerability to climate change-related health effects at local, national and regional levels.

Action 3.3 Develop a clearinghouse of existing health protection strategies in Member States and make the information widely available. Assess comparative effectiveness, including cost–effectiveness.

Action 3.4 Support and monitor research to improve public health knowledge on the health risks of climate change and on the most effective interventions to manage those risks.

Action 3.5 Assess the health impact of adaptation and mitigation policies in other sectors and identify the most effective actions which have the potential to benefit health.

Action 3.6 Identify and develop indicators to monitor climate change-related health outcomes within surveillance systems.

Action 3.7 Work with other relevant scientific organizations to develop a comprehensive international assessment of the economic costs associated with the health effects of climate change under different scenarios of adaptation and mitigation action and/or inaction. Provide Member States with means for conducting such assessments at the national level.

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