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Health systems strengthening

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Objective 4 - Strengthen health systems to cope with the health threats posed by climate

Health-system action to protect populations from the impacts of climate change will need to encompass public health interventions within the formal health sector, such as control of neglected tropical diseases and provision of primary health care, and actions to improve the environmental and social determinants of health, ranging from access to clean water and sanitation to enhancing the welfare of women. A common theme must be ensuring equity and giving priority to protecting the health security of particularly vulnerable groups.

In addition, there is a particular need to control and reduce health risks, and strengthen coordinated preparedness and response in respect of the health effects of acute emergencies and other crises that may be exacerbated by climate variability and change.


The Secretariat will undertake six actions.

Action 4.1 Provide technical support for building capacity to assess and monitor vulnerability to climate change-related health risks.

Action 4.2 Advocate for the strengthening of primary health care (including primary prevention) services to support capacity of local communities to become resilient to climate-related health risks.

Action 4.3 Mobilize and guide international support for the urgent strengthening and financing of public health systems at the national level.

Action 4.4 Support the preparation, implementation and evaluation of regional and national mitigation and adaptation plans requiring health-system action.

Action 4.5 Standardize and support the development of early warning systems related to the health consequences of climate change and climate variability.

Action 4.6 Support the assessment of the effectiveness of health emergency management measures in reducing the impact of extreme events on health with the development of appropriate evaluation methods and pilot studies.

WHO workplan on climate change and health: 1,2,3,4,5

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