Global Observatory for eHealth

2005 Survey

In order to establish a baseline on the current state of eHealth in countries worldwide, the first global survey on eHealth was conducted in 2005. Based on the data collected, the Observatory developed eHealth country profiles of Member States, identified emerging eHealth challenges and presented recommendations for action.

Selected key findings include:

  • digital divide also applies to eHealth
  • Member States are looking to WHO and its partners for assistance and guidance in the eHealth domain
  • many countries expect to implement eHealth policies in the near future and will need support
  • development of national eHealth governance mechanisms in countries are necessary
  • public-private partnerships for eHealth projects are on the increase and effective management practices should be promoted
  • citizen protection policies should be put into place to ensure patient data confidentiality
  • interoperability issues should be made a priority by Member States
  • health information in electronic format should be provided in relevant community languages


Alphabetical list of the eHealth country profiles

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