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eHealth policy

Botswana’s eHealth policy, completed in 2004, is included in the National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy for Botswana. Policy recommendations include: promoting a foundation for eHealth through health sector engagement and strengthening ICT infrastructure; using ICT to enable healthcare delivery; improving access to health services and information; and creating a national health surveillance network. This document also contains provisional cost estimates for the first five years of implementation.

Date of publication: 2004

Supporting material

"The Strategy for Changing the Health Sector For Healthy Botswana 2010-2020 includes a section on Health Information and Communication Technology Strategy, starting on page 124. The overall objective is to provide a framework for the procurement, deployment, and use of information and communication technology in the health sector. It aims to ensure that a careful balance is established between the need for the technology and the human and financial resource availability. The goal of the Health Information and Communication Technology policy is thus to ensure the maximum use of modern technology to enhance the overall performance of the health sector."

Date of publication: 2010

Date URLs last accessed: 4 March 2016

*Commission on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health