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With this National “Making eHealth work” Strategy, the Danish government, Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions continue their collaboration for digitalisation. The strategy outlines the ambitious and binding common commitment for future work. The strategy comprises five focus areas: healthcare services delivered in new ways; digital workflows and processes; coherent patient pathways; better use of data and governance. Each section provides a brief status on the area, describes challenges, and sets out goals for efforts within the individual area. Each section also contains descriptions of specific initiatives that are to be carried out in the short term in order to realise the strategy.

Date of publication: 2014

This document sets out an overarching strategy to digitilise the health care system, outlining three objectives and related supporting principles. The strategy sets out a high-level action plan and project proposals, and addresses the projected impact of digitalisation on stakeholders. It also includes a dedicated strategy for a citizen's health portal.

Date of publication: December 2007

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