Global Observatory for eHealth


This national strategy for the deployment of telemedicine was developed after the publication of the decree of 19 October 2010 relating to telemedicine. Five priority areas to facilitate the deployment of telemedicine in France are all designed to improve access to and quality of care, as well as the quality of life of patients and the response to a public health problem. These are: continuity of care in medical imaging, management of cerebrovascular accidents, health of detainees, management of chronic disease (chronic renal failure, heart failure, diabetes), and home hospitalization.

The strategy also describes the elements of interoperability and security required and acknowledges that telemedicine relies on communication networks whose quality must be defined and assessed according to the nature of this activity. The strategy suggests utilizing videoconferencing devices, media exchange data flows teleconsultation, tele-expertise and remote support, the other acts of medical monitoring to achieve the goals of the strategy.

Date of publication: 23 May 2013

Date URL last accessed: 3 October 2013