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eHealth policy

As a tool to increase efficiency and improve the provision of quality health care Mexico has developed the electronic medical record (ECE), which ensures that patients receive the most timely, convenient and efficient health care. The ECE is a tool that provides information on medication, the patient's history, and clinical protocols and recommendations. As well as detailing the principal components of the ECE in Mexico, this document also discusses the benefits of electronic health, implementation and the legal framework.

Date of publication: 2013

Telehealth policy

The Telehealth Programme of Action 2007-2012 arose as a need to operationalize plans and national health programs. The following priority areas are identified: using telehealth to increase accessibility, quality and timeliness of services, development of technological standards and national data investment to ensure access to infrastructure and safety equipment, human capital development, generating an impact assessment framework in health services and promoting research and application development and technology for telehealth. It lists success factors as the alignment of telehealth services to the health needs of the population mainly those identified by the programs priority, adopting an inclusive approach which require coordination with federal, state, regional and finally, local medium to long term investments.

Date of publication: 2008

Supporting material on telehealth

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*Commission on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health