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Telehealth policy

This strategy outlines plans to strengthen telemedicine in Mauritania, and how this can contribute significantly to the improvement of the health system. The following priorities are identified: the education and training of health personnel, the use of tele-diagnosis and tele diagnosis, the posting of relevant information for stakeholders in the health sector, the use of remote education nationally and abroad and improved communication between all industry structures including the central services of the Ministry of Health.

Mauritania lack of specialists to cover all health facilities in the country and usually more than 90% of specialists are concentrated in the capital. This problem is compounded by a lack of diagnostic equipment, and maintenance costs, which are often out of reach for some health facilities. This telemedicine system will allow users to remotely share the use of equipment by different health facilities and provide a wealth of information online, accessible by health professionals.

Date of publication: 2005

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*Commission on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health