United Arab Emirates Health Foundation Prize

Recipient of the United Arab Emirates Health Foundation Prize, Mrs Rosa Valente de Matos

The prize, consisting of a certificate of award, a plaque and a sum of money, currently up to US$40 000, is awarded to one or more persons, institutions or nongovernmental organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to health development.

The guidelines, especially paragraph 6, should be read carefully before the application form is completed.

The prize is awarded at a special ceremony during the World Health Assembly.

Procedure for the proposal and selection of candidates

Any national health administration of a Member State of the World Health Organization, or any former recipient of the prize, may nominate a candidate for the award. Proposals are made to the Director-General, who submits them to the Foundation Selection Panel together with his/her technical comments. The Selection Panel meets to decide on the recommendation to be made to the Executive Board, which designates the recipient (or recipients) of the prize.